"When you set your eyes on the art works of Henry Bermudez, you feel a sense of deep transcendence. As a viewer, you are aware of being in the presence of a profound creation."     

                                                                     -- Mariavelia Savino - Art curator, critic and architect for Miami Review                                                                 

"What Bermudez offers is the utter subversion of the European tradition to an earlier one, a pan-universal one--the tumultuous vision of a magical world. Even when he goes directly to the Catholic traditions, he transforms them."

                                                                                              -- Libby Rosof, the artblog from Bermudez works magic 

"Bermudez creates fantastic complex worlds that draw on a variety of mythologies - Incan, Mayan, African and Celtic among them." 

                                                                                                                                  --Edith Newhall for The Inquirer