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This painting called, "Pledge to the Flag" has bald humans of different skin tones holding american flags in rows by abstract artist Henry Bermudez.

Pledge to the Flag, 2018    36” h x 72” w  acrylic paint, canvas

This artwork, "God Bless America," has black and white roses with four golden creatures and an American Flag. By Venezualan artist Henry Bremudez.

God Bless America 2018,  84" h x 72" w,  acrylic paint, canvas

This painting using acrylics and glitter has black and white roses, a creature blowing a rainbow and holding an american flag, and a sun with a face, by abstract artist Henry Bermudez.

Disney, 2018,   72” h x 36” w  acrylic paint, glitter, canvas

This artowrk, called "2nd Amendment," has mickey mouse, a sun with a face, and a falling american flag over a background of red roses. By abstract artist Henry Bermudez.

2nd amendment,  2018   84” h x 72” w, acrylic paint, glitter canvas

This painting, by contemporary artist Henry Bermudez, portrays a vase with blue flowers and green vines and an american flag on the vase.

Vase with Flowers, 2018   72” h x 36” w  acrylic paint,and glitter on, canvas

This painting by Philadelphia artist Henry Bermudez has an american flag vase and a patterned bird-headed snake. Two children's hands reach out to the creature. The background has blue flowers.

Zero tolerance 2018, 83” h x 71” w  acrylic paint, glitter, canvas

This painting by Venezuelan artist Henry Bermudez, "The Wall," has faces reaching over a wall of blue and purple roses to reach an american flag. In the sky, rainbow-shooting bird creatures and louds loom.

The Wall, 2018   72" h x 120" w , silver leaf alloy, acrylic paint, canvas

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