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Painting in black and gold acrylic and graphite of two faces by Latina American artist Henry Bermudez,

Friends, 2020   9" h x 12" w   acrylic,graphite, paper

2020 Luis  9 x 12  acrylic and graphite,

Luis. 2020  9"h x 12"w  acrylic and graphite, paper

Gold acylic and black foliage with a drawing of a left facing man's head.

He. 2020   12"h x 9 "w  acrylic on graphite on cut paper

Dotted abstract foliage and a black graphite drawing of a man's head on acrylic with a crown of horns by Latin American artist Henry Bermudez.

Heading 2

Character and Snake. 2020  12"h x 9"w  acrylic paint, paper

A left facing face in black graphite with abstract acrylic plant pattern.

Character II, 2020   12"h x 9"w   acrylic paint, cut paper

A painting of a black left facing face on yellow paper with abstract, dotted foliage by venezuelan artist Henry Bermudez.

Character III. 2020   9"h x 12"w   acrylic paint, paper

2020 Mask 9 x 12  acrylic, graphite, pap

Mask, 2020  9" h x 12"w   acrylic, graphite, paper

Painting of a woman's face on black with gold linear pattern and hair in acrylic on cut paper. Stippled abstract foliage is in the background.

She, 2020  9" h x 12i" w  acrylic paint on cut paper

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