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Abstract black and green tree on a purple starry background in glitter and acrylic by venezuelan artist Henry Bermudez in Philadelphia.

Una Noche de Estrellas, 2020  66"h x 48"w  oil paint, glitter, canvas


Nocturno, 2020   36"h x 32"w  oil paint, glitter, canvas

Abstract tree by artist Henry Bermudez in Philadelphia, Pennzylvania in black and green oil on a gold, dawn background.

Dawn, 2020.   66"h x 48"w , oil on canvas

A mixed media painting with a black and green oil paint tree centered over a red glitter background by abstract artist Henry Bermudez.

Green Tree on red color, 2020  32"h x 26"w  oil paint, glitter, canvas

A mixed media painting by abstract artist Henry Bermudez of a black and green plant over a red glitter background.

Green Plant Red Background, 2020    24"h x 22"w  oil paint, glitter canvas

Abstract blue and black oil painting on gold of plants in a garden by contemporary artist Henry Bermudez.

En el Jardin de la Vecina, 2020   24"h x 18"w,  oil paint, canvas

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